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From first steps to first words, there are so many milestones to witness with your baby. Don't let these memories pass. Learn how to make these milestones special and memorable.


It shouldn't surprise anyone that family structure is so controversial. The family, far more than government or schools, is the institution we draw the most meaning from. From the day we are born, it gives us our identity, our language, and our expectations about how the world should work. Before we become individuals or citizens or voters, we are first and foremost part of a family. 

Teach your children how to share......

When two children want the same thing and they’re both feeling connected and relaxed, they share. They can figure out something fun to do while they wait for their turn. When they’re toddlers, they don’t even need to talk about the turns. One takes the toy, and the other thinks about it, and then moves on to some other activity that pleases him. When children are older, they can figure out how to share verbally, and are pleased with themselves as they do it.

But when a child is tense, taking turns isn’t his idea of a solution. He wants the blue shovel now! If a second child who wants the shovel is feeling connected, he can adjust his expectations and find something else to do for a while. So, problems with sharing arise primarily when both children are feeling rocky because they have lost their sense of connection.


Children need a village

What Causes Children to Go Astray?

1. Children who experience a lack of emotional support, no supervision, and no discipline are at the highest risk of experiencing at least one encounter with a police officer because of a crime.
2. Children who have parents who are genuinely interested in their daily activities show higher grade proficiency.
3. Children raised in a permissive environment will typically follow their parent’s queues in regard to problematic behavior.


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Family Structure Matters

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