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knowledge and understanding!

Make a plan!

There’s no wrong way to host a diaper drive, but we have some suggestions to help you be most successful. 

Enlist other people to help you! When more of you are asking your networks to get involved, you’ll be able to collect more diapers.
Pick a date in the next month or so for your diaper drive.
Let us know about it! We can help you get the word out about your diaper drive.


Diaper need is the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep an infant or toddler clean, dry and healthy.

Host a diaper drive

Diaper Drive Initiative Program

Diaper Drives are one of the key ways that the Diaper Pantry can receive diapers to provide to our families in need.

We're glad you're considering hosting a diaper drive!

​Pick the Right Place for Your Diaper Drive
Everyone is part of a group that could host a very successful diaper drive! Have you thought about hosting a drive at any of these places?

- Workplaces
- Daycare centers
- Church or synagogue
- Sports teams
- Parents groups
- Networking groups

And you don’t have to pick just one!

Our volunteers have hosted simultaneous diaper drives at their office and children’s daycare centers at the same time.

If you’ll be able to set up a collection bin where lots of people get together, you can host a diaper drive!