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knowledge and understanding!


2017 Holiday Assistance Programs 

Thanksgiving Holiday Assistance
- To feed 100 for Thanksgiving (minimal turn out) but people were fed (Total: 33)
- Thanksgiving vouchers (20 vouchers given out and families were served)
- Thanksgiving vouchers (10 vouchers were given out that were gifted from Eddie. Owens.)
Total served for Thanksgiving: 63 served

Christmas Holiday Assistance
- To feed 100 for Christmas (huge turn out) and people were fed (Served with meals/some without meals full total: 222)
- Food Haven Ministries (bags of food) (Total: 38)
-Sponsored Families: United Way (6)
-Sponsored/Adopted Families: Total (5)
(Toys received from: Toys for Tots and HHOOT - Helpers Helping Others Outreach Team, Inc.)
Total served for Christmas: 233 served

Thank you all for your continued support!

Holiday Assistance

Toys for Tots