improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!

Volunteer Information

Hi!  We're glad you're on board!  We appreciate your willingness to work towards a great cause.  Our Volunteer Program offers an opportunity that we both benefit from.  We get to meet some awesome families and people within the community. We benefit by having you available to assist with gaining diapers, baby-wipes, pull-up’s, new and gently used clothes, jobs and more.  By working together we know this will be a great service provided to the families that we serve!

Remember that how you handle yourself at the with families directly reflects on Caring for a Cause.  Most families will identify you and consider you to be a part of our Caring for a Cause staff while you are volunteering for us from time to time.  They assume that because you have your volunteer ribbon and shirt on, you're on duty and you know the answers.  We want you to be as knowledgeable about all services as possible and know where to get the answers that families need.

We have put together a general list of instructions that 
is important to all volunteers:

Read through any emails sent to you about the services that you are volunteering for as soon as you receive them.

Walk through the script (if you have been given one) so you know about the program that you are volunteering for Caring for a Cause.  Familiarize yourself with the 
organizations cause and the functions of the programs.

Please limit eating, no talking on cell phones, and no smoking while on duty.  Do not leave your station(s) unless another volunteer can cover it for you.

In the event of an emergency, please notify the staff members of Caring for a Cause.

Keep the area you are working 
in looking clean.  If attendees leave a mess, please ask them to clean it up.  If they have already left the area, please do it for them.

If you have any problem staff or any volunteers, report it to the Caring for a Cause staff member.

If you see something that isn't going right, take the time to report it to staff immediately. 

Please complete your Volunteer Application and Evaluation form. We make changes to our Volunteer Program based on your input.  Thank you!

If an attendee has a question or concern, as our representative we hope you will assist the families in any way you can, by answering the question
, or helping them find out who can.  A Caring for a Cause staff member will always be stationed within all events to handle questions or situations that you are unsure about.

Check Updates
Any updates to read about
, will be emailed to you.

Please make sure you contact us ASAP if you need to cancel and state that you are not coming.

Office: 317-426-4536 

Emergency Information
In the event of an emergency, please make sure that we have your emergency contact’s information. We also need to know what hospital is best to transport you to 
ifcase of an emergency.

When we have events all families must sign in. Please assist with keeping track of clients signing in and their attendance is tracked.

Directing Traffic
At the start of events, attendees may not be familiar with the area where the events are held. You may be asked to assist with giving directions to 
park and or get to the events.

A Final Note…
Remember, you're working as a volunteer but that doesn't mean you can't have fun too!  We want this event to be a rewarding experience for attendees, volunteers and Caring for a Cause staff. 

Learn some, work some, and have fun some. 

Let's make this a great event!